Provisional Exam Dates:

RAD – Summer Term 2024

TBC – date between 14 June and 14 July


ISTD – Summer Term 2024



We enter children for examinations in RAD Ballet and ISTD Modern Theatre and Tap. Please be aware that Examinations are not compulsory. Children who do not wish to be entered for them will stay with their peer group and continue to progress through the school with them.

Candidates go into the exam in groups of no more than 4 and will perform certain exercises as a solo.  No teachers or parents are allowed into the examination room and exemplary conduct and concentration is required for the duration of the exam.  

Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the syllabus and not expect any help from the examiner.  Therefore if your child’s teacher wants your child to do the exam and you agree, then extra coaching classes must be attended.  These will be billed after half term based on the number of classes offered, not the number of classes attended (though these should be the same!).

The RAD also offer Class Awards (Primary – Grade 5 ballet) and Presentation Classes (Grades 6 – 8 ballet) as an alternative to exams for students whose teachers feel that the demands of a full examination would not be appropriate for them at this stage. The candidates are taken into the examination room by their teacher, who may help them with the work.

All candidates participating in Presentation Classes receive a certificate.

All candidates who successfully complete a Class Award receive a certificate, report, and medal. Taking a Class Award/Presentation Class does not mean that the student will never take an examination, rather it offers a way to progress with their peers.

As with exams, Class Awards and Presentation Classes are optional. Students entered for Presentation Classes do not have to attend extra coaching lessons, although they are welcome to do so and will be charged only for the number they attend. Students entered for a Class Award must attend the final 3 coaching classes.

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